Khadi Jamdani - Sathya BurntSienna

  • Rs. 3,600.00

Said the Mahatma in the Swadeshi movement : Khadi will be a gamechanger for the clothing industry in India.
Presenting finely woven Khadi or Khadder Sarees from Ponduru. When every single process involved in weaving a saree is done by hand, it then qualifies to be Khadi!
The Mahatma's favourite Khadi was from Ponduru. Presenting the first set of Khadi Jamdani Trishul saree in 80's count.
All saree are 6.6m in meters whicj includes a running blouse length. Ithy-ADee recommends a printed blouse in contrasting colours to bring out the beauty of both the saree and the wearer!
Pure cotton, spun the traditional way, woven by hand from the weavers of Ponduru and procured through the weavers' cooperative society, these are single pieces, carefully selected for thr discerning patrons of Ithy-ADee, we are sure that each will find a home shortly.

Please allow for a slight variation in colour due to digital photography