Khadi Cotton - Jamun and Sunflower

  • Rs. 2,990.00

Can't find a better occasion than today to launch our small collection of Khadi sarees. A part of the Swadeshi movement and to kick-out foreign goods, the Mahatma started spinning homegrown cotton to create khadi fabric.

It has since then undergone several changes and is now available in varied colours, counts, finish and designs. Show your support for homegrown products!

Presenting, Khadi sarees in half-half design in four unique colour combinations, with the half-way mark interlocking into a fine patterned weave. All sarees have a running blouse length. 80x80 count. Feels and drapes like silk. Keep it soft and wear them as is or starch it a bit if you like the slightly formal look. Ready tassles in pom-pom style. Wear them with an existing printed blouse of your choice.


Please allow for a slight variation in colour due to digital photography and viewing device. 

Celebrate. Care. Cheer.