Khadi Jamdani - Cheese and Blue

  • Rs. 4,100.00

Khadi, also known as Khadder, is a tough durable and preferred among Khadis woven in other parts of India. 
Soft to drape, cool on the skin, home-spun, there is really nothing better than Khadder to proudly display our #Indian tag!

Like we already mentioned in our earlier post, we need your help to make the weaving units at Ponduru on the Srikakulam district, meet their sales target! This will help the weavers' society pay fair wages for the hours that they toiled at the looms! The jamdani weaves are a design intervention and helps to make Khadder/Khadi more fashionable and trendy!

Khadder/Khadi mainly uses organic dyes to colour the yarn. Dyes are derived from pomegranate peels, turmeric, madder root, iron/jaggery, indigo, banana flowers etc - so most colours are soothing to the eye and on the skin.

Khadi cotton with Anchor motifs in Jamdani weave. 
120 by 120 count. 
Good thick cotton with a great fall and drape. 
Blouse length included in the saree, 6.7m in length. 
Please allow for a slight variation in colour due to digital photography.