Nuapatna - Earth, Chevron and Geometry

  • Rs. 6,900.00

It's festival time!
Festivals means new clothes!
And what better than the #Bandhawork to drape this festive season!

Did you know that #Odisha is also known as #Utkala and features prominently in our national anthem??

A region known for its amazing arts, crafts and handlooms, every village or cluster is a visual delight! Most sarees have motifs of nature - #conch shell, #flowers, #lotus, #fish, #tortoise #trees #plants #peacocks #parrots and similar.

All these motifs come together in the most synchronized colours and motifs that is visualized by the weaver!

Presenting 9 beautiful sarees in the most delightful colours, motifs! Auspicious and festive!

If you love geometry you will love this saree! BUsiness-like! Chevrons on earthy brown and straight lines on the border, this saree is corporate in every knot! Pallu is a no-nonsense geometrical progression of dots, dashes and lines!

Know your saree! Love your saree!

Please allow for a slight variation in colour due to digital photography