Saree Essentail - Virgo Blouse Length - Sunshine Yellow

Saree Essentail - Virgo Blouse Length - Sunshine Yellow

  • Rs. 950.00

Virgo Saree Essentials....
Get these delicately and intricately hand embroidered Virgo Zodiac blouse lengths - for the virtue in you!
Idea conceptualized by Ithy-ADee
Embroidery and design executed by a woman's self-help group in Bhopal, MP. Remember you are not just buying a blouse, you are helping a woman stay empowered!

Match them, contrast them, pair them, gift them, buy them. Do as you please. You will just love them!💞💕🐾

Need to know details :
Material : Solid coloured Cotton with a self design
Length : 1 m each
Width : 45" or Saree width
Cost : 950/- Shipping additional
Pre-washed and shrunk and then embroidered, this motif will come at the back of the blouse.
Ample material to fit upto blouse sizes 44"

Please allow for a slight variation in colour due to digital photography.