Cherry Red and Classic Black Telia Rumal

  • Rs. 9,500.00

Telia Rumals are double ikat tie-dye technique using vegetable dyes. The assembled pattern will look ditto on the front and reverse sides, thus making it delightful! 😀💕 Typically woven in star, and geometric motifs, the new addition being hashtags!
While the material of the saree may vary, the technique, process and the final weaving is as complicated, whether it is with silk or with cotton. It requires precision, a fair knowledge of mathematics and chemistry to get the pattern and colour rendition right. 

Material : Cotton
Dyes used : Vegetable Vat dyes
Blouse length : Included in saree. Attached to Pallu for some and on the inner side for some. 
Length : 6.25 m

Care instructions : Reds tend to bleed colour. These dyes are NOT Naapthol chemical dyes. They are vegetable dyes. Please dry-wash the first time positively. Colour bleed will subside with use. Do not wear with light coloured blouses the first time as the red may rub on them.